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INMOST::XMLReader::XMLTag Struct Reference

Structure for xml tag with attributes. More...

#include <inmost_xml.h>

Public Member Functions

bool RawData () const
 This is data without ![CDATA[ wrap.
bool BlockData () const
 This is data within ![CDATA[ wrap.
bool Failure () const
 Was not able to read the tag.
bool Process () const
 Tag was read and have internal contents, can process the contents.
bool Stub () const
 Tag was read but do not have internal contents.
bool Finalize () const
 Tag was not red, finish of enclosing tag was encountered.
const XMLAttribGetAttrib (int n) const
 Retrieve attribute number n.
XMLAttribGetAttrib (int n)
 Retrieve attribute number n.
int NumAttrib () const
 Retrieve number of attributes.
std::string GetName () const
 Retrieve the name of the tag.

Public Attributes

std::string name
std::vector< XMLAttribattributes
int finish

Detailed Description

Structure for xml tag with attributes.

Definition at line 161 of file inmost_xml.h.

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