A toolkit for distributed mathematical modeling
INMOST::array< element >::_iterator< etype > Class Template Reference

Public Types

typedef etype * pointer
typedef etype & reference
typedef etype value_type
typedef ptrdiff_t difference_type
typedef std::random_access_iterator_tag iterator_category

Public Member Functions

 _iterator (etype *i)
 _iterator (const _iterator &other)
_iterator operator- (size_t n) const
_iteratoroperator-= (size_t n)
_iterator operator+ (size_t n) const
_iteratoroperator+= (size_t n)
_iteratoroperator++ ()
_iterator operator++ (int)
_iteratoroperator-- ()
_iterator operator-- (int)
ptrdiff_t operator- (const _iterator &other) const
etype & operator* () const
etype * operator-> () const
_iteratoroperator= (_iterator const &other)
bool operator== (const _iterator &other) const
bool operator!= (const _iterator &other) const
bool operator< (const _iterator &other) const
bool operator> (const _iterator &other) const
bool operator<= (const _iterator &other) const
bool operator>= (const _iterator &other) const
 operator void * () const

Detailed Description

template<typename element>
template<typename etype>
class INMOST::array< element >::_iterator< etype >

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