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INMOST::TagVariableArray Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 TagVariableArray (const TagVariableArray &b)
 TagVariableArray (const Tag &b)
TagVariableArrayoperator= (TagVariableArray const &b)
TagVariableArrayoperator= (Tag const &b)
__INLINE Storage::var_array operator[] (const Storage &arg) const
__INLINE Storage::var_array operator[] (HandleType h) const
__INLINE Matrix< Storage::var, Storage::var_arrayoperator() (const Storage &arg, int n, int m) const
__INLINE Matrix< Storage::var, Storage::var_arrayoperator() (HandleType h, int n, int m) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from INMOST::Tag
 Tag (const Tag &other)
__INLINE bool operator< (const Tag &other) const
__INLINE bool operator> (const Tag &other) const
__INLINE bool operator== (const Tag &other) const
__INLINE bool operator!= (const Tag &other) const
__INLINE Tagoperator= (Tag const &other)
__INLINE DataType GetDataType () const
__INLINE INMOST_MPI_Type GetBulkDataType () const
 Amount of bytes necessary to support one record referred by the tag on one element. More...
INMOST_DATA_ENUM_TYPE GetPackedBytesSize () const
 Amount of bytes necessary for one record in packed form that is used in GetData.
__INLINE std::string GetTagName () const
__INLINE bool isDefined (ElementType type) const
__INLINE bool isDefinedMask (ElementType mask) const
__INLINE bool isSparse (ElementType type) const
__INLINE bool isValid () const
__INLINE MeshGetMeshLink () const
__INLINE bool isSparseByDim (INMOST_DATA_INTEGER_TYPE typenum) const
__INLINE bool isDefinedByDim (INMOST_DATA_INTEGER_TYPE typenum) const
__INLINE void SetBulkDataType (INMOST_MPI_Type type)
__INLINE void SetPrint (bool print)
__INLINE bool GetPrint () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 754 of file inmost_data.h.

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